Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bulletstorm - Also "Spoiler Alert"

Yay, my first review.

A while ago I got the game Bulletstorm for the PS3. And I enjoyed ever living minute of it.

The campaign is action packed, quick yet well paced (unlike Black Ops), and filled with dick jokes...They got me hooked when Grey called me "Dick tits" at the demo.

The shooting is very satisfying, The score system is awesome, had me planning for another play through before I finished the first one.

I am an easily satisfied guy.

They used Unreal engine which did the game justice, The graphics were beautiful and the big scale battle was awesome, The leash added a whole new level of gameplay.
And each and every weapon was unique (Sorry "God Of War III"), satisfying and awesome to use. (I will be making a mini post later today about each weapon)

The direction of the art and the feel of the controls felt a lot like "Borderlands"...which is a good thing.
All in all, "Bulletstorm" is "Borderlands" on Viagra.

The downside is there are quite a few bugs within the game play, Most of which forces you to restart from the nearest checkpoint, god knows what it took to get where you are.
For example some of the mini boss battles would have me stuck with no one to fight and no where to go, possibly because the triggered enemies didn't spawn correctly.

And quite a good number of the sudden movements the player is put through by enemies would bypass collision detection, Causing the player to clip through a wall, and not be able to get back to the outside world.

A shotgun dude once kicked me at a wall of spikes, I clipped inside of it, I was able to jump ontop of it, but was able to go nowhere from there. I had to restart from checkpoint.

Another time, a man eating plant pulled me in, I was able to break free at the VERY last second, I was clipped behind the plant, where i roamed freely outside the map...and had to restart from checkpoint.

That was all the downsides I'd experienced with the game, Minor inconveniences which I would think have already been fixed by the time of posting this.

The Echo game more is awesome as well, Allowing you to play through a specific piece of the map through some enemies for the highest score.
Although some of the scores I got didn't get registered right away.
I hope that gets fixed as well.

I'm definitely going for another play through on hard, I got 75% of the skillshots the first time, and planning to get 100% the next one.

I didn't get a chance to play the multiplayer due to lack of games, But I think that is due to the un-extreme popularity of the game itself.

So to sum it up, here's what to/to not expect when buying this game.

What to expect:
-Amazing graphics.
-Satisfying shooting.
-Pwning enemies.
-Shooting people in the balls then kicking their heads off.
-Copious amount of dick jokes.
-Amazing and satisfying weapons.
-Wide enemy variety.
-Minor bugs.

What not to expect:
-A "Call of Duty" online experience.
-An epic ending.
-High replayability.
-Characters which can be taken seriously (Sometimes).

I would also like to announce that i'm creating a side blog beside this one, Called "Spoiler Alert" Where I would talk about the actual stories of the game, I take spoiling games and movies very seriously, I get very upset and I would hate to do it to people as much as I would hate it being done to me.

Side Blog:

As previously stated, this is only my personal opinion of the game.

For what IGN thinks head up to:

Thank you for reading.
Me love you long time.


  1. Nice post, I played demo but could never get into the game. Following.

  2. It's a really fun game, if the "What you expect" section applies to you.

  3. Nice post man, I'm thinking about buying this game. Sorry I misspelled a word. (:

  4. I wasn't too impressed by the demo, but I like the art style they went for.

  5. sounds dope, I'll have to check it out

  6. I have to say that Bulletstorm was one of the games that I have enjoyed most recently. I really look forward to the sequel.

  7. Looks awesome, m8 checking it out