Friday, April 22, 2011


OH MY GOD I just dug up my old GBA POKeMON games, I have them all, it's quite pathetic really, and just started playing Fire red again.

You can't believe how much I missed/am enjoying them.

I don't know, there's something about being asked STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE weather you're a boy or a girl that warms up your heart.

Will keep posting random lolz I re-encounter through the game every once in a while, like for example walking around minding your own business when someone from OFF SCREEN walks up to you and goes "WHAT'CHOO JUST SAY?? YOU WANT SUM DIS??"

And the fact that you can take Brock's Onyx out with a single bubble attack.

The old guy with the vulpix that says "I've never won before"....ooooh lord such good times.

PM me if you're interested in this.


  1. Hell yea, red and blue were the shit!

  2. I only played the early red/blue and then gold/silver, but I spent the most time on these games. There was just nothing that compared to them. It's like your own world.

  3. There is nothing wrong with Pokemon!

  4. Pokemon Red is where my virtual life started

  5. I remember how the music would play in my head even if my Gameboy was off. Drove me insane, and my parents thought I was.