Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin's creed: Brotherhood is one of the most games I've enjoyed so far.

IGN has been giving it not so awesome reviews due to the fact that it's quite similar to AC2. However, they're both a HUGE improvement over AC. And personally I don't think the game needed any more additions to it.

And the fact that they let all the Call Of Duty's slide and pick on AC, kinda kills their credibility on the subject of familiarity.

The Single Player:

Let me start by talking to the people who have never played any version of Assassin's creed before.
You're missing out...big time.

The original AC where you play "Altair" in the middle east (In my opinion) was an experiment, Although it was highly advertised, It didn't deliver everything it had promised, and therefore met with very poor reviews.

Then there's AC:II. Which feels like a different game altogether. The engine was nearly perfected, the graphics were beautiful and the story was epic.

You play "Ezio Auditore Da Firenze" in Italia's 15th century, A young hoodlum and troublemaker, son of "Giovanne Auditore" who is actually a member of the assassin's creed.

Ezio quickly learns of his father's secret life and joins the creed after his father's friend betrayed him, leading to his incarceration as well as his brothers and their execution.

Ezio sets out to Avenge his family and to protect his mother and sister.

To prevent from spoiling any events, Let's just say Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood picks up Exactly where AC II ends. Only it shifts the events to Roma, and adds a ton of new characters.

Desmond Miles:

After Desmond is freed from Abstergo in the beginning of AC: II they stay on the run from Abstergo (The modern day templars).

In AC: BH they flee to Italy, to hide in the remains of the underground vault of Ezio Auditore's uncle "Mario Auditore" in the modern day Monteriggioni. He continues to live the life of "Ezio Auditore" though the modern day's assassins' version of the animus, Red and more comfy.
(Also he gets a cool new backpack)

Unlike previous installments, Desmond can leave the Animus at almost any time. and now it's not a grueling experience trying to control Desmond, He's much more limber, Agile and free to move, Like Ezio. This allows Desmond to explore the town of Monteriggioni (Wassa matta you Altair?).


Personally, I loved every minute of it. It was realistically paced, Very smooth and dealt with the personalities of each and every character. The link between AC: II and AC: BH is seamless as well as effortless.

One of my personal favorite elements of the story is how Ezio ages, We don't notice it, He doesn't notice it, And it's not until someone calls him "Old" till we all realize it's been over 15 years since the death of his father.

Ezio's main enemy is  "Cesare Borgia" . Who with the help of the pope from AC: II, Attempts to rule over Rome.

Ezio finds it difficult to take on Borgia and his army on his own, so he sets out to re-build the Assassin's Creed A.K.A. The Brotherhood.


AC: BH is still the third person stealth action adventure that we all know and love. The main controls are quite similar to the previous AC installments, However more refined.
The sandbox style of the game has expanded much more since AC: II now that you play in Roma's Huge lands, which is three times as big as Florence from AC: II.

You still control Ezio's every limb with the innovative controls set in AC. However much more additions have been made.

Ezio gets new toys, such as poison darts, a faster acting poison blade, which is very fun to watch poisoned victims, a crossbow, and the ability to hold and throw heavier weapons like axes.

Along side his original arsenal such as the gun, sword, hidden blade, throwing knives and the dagger.

The combat system has been changed a bit, You now need to rely on offense and first strikes to be deadly unlike the previous AC installments where the best action was to stay in defense, wait for them to attack and counter it into an execution, which severely slowed down the pace of fights.

You can now execute multiple enemies in a row without even having to fight them (if you play your cards right of course) making small minion fights much faster, easier and more fun, and therefore you have a better fight difficulty curve where you can actually compare enemies with their abilities to fight, instead of what you can or can't counter.
Now you look forward to challenges instead of going "Oh man, another fight".

Now that the fights are faster and easier, the enemies have grown faster, more intelligent, and now more than 1 enemy attacks simultaneously, instead of waiting to see their comrade be struck to move in.

You can now dispatch of an enemy in many different ways, melee or ranged and sometimes both. Introducing the pistol in fights. where you can strike a foe a couple times with the sword, and as he staggers, shoot him dead.

You gotta love it.

Once an enemy has been dealt with, you can quickly move on to the next with an arrow key and an attack, and Ezio will perform a quick execution...then the next, then the next...resulting in a killing spree.

Ezio can now equip and throw heavy weapons at his enemies such as axes and spears.

Due to the newfound power, there are new introduced enemies, arch enemies and minibosses such as horsemen, papal guards and gun slingers.

Horses now play a much bigger role in gameplay. You can now ride your horse inside the city, YAY!.

They also add a lot more variety to combat, You can now use ranged weapons while riding them, You can use them to perform special assassinations such as riding your horse next to your victim's, and jump from your horse to his while stabbing him in the neck....good clean fun for the whole family.

You can also Hijack horses (GTA STYLE!)

Introduced is also a lift system used originally for merchandise, You hold on to the rope, Kick the lever and're on the roof!

There's is also a tunnel system which you can repair to unlock that allows fast travel to other tunnel entrances inside Rome.

However you can no longer leave Rome and head to another city.

Just like we did with Monteriggione, You can invest in buildings in Rome, gaining income to buy toys and shops for unlocks.

Also you can destroy Borgia towers that have unjustly taken over the city, to release its surrounding area from its control.

Unlocking the ability to buy shops in the area, and of course, one of the best features of AC: BH.

As previously mentioned, Ezio sets out to rebuild the Creed. Doing so he needs recruits.
When you defeat the Borgia captain of a certain area, and you destroy his tower, You release his control over said area. And you can then save those poor citizens that are being harassed by his guards. Upon doing that, They express their appreciation and their willingness to join your cause. Becoming Assassins.

Once you have recruited a new member of the brotherhood they become your assistants.

They gain experience with each kill and level up, unlocking their own new weapons and armor upgrades.
Another way to gain Experience is to send them on missions throughout Europe, You can send more than one Assassin on the same mission and they will split the EXP. The harder the mission, the less the chance of success, the more Assassins (or higher levels) needed for the job.
You can only use an assassin as your assistant if they are available and not on a mission.

When walking down the street you can pick a victim, and call an assassin upon him, they will come out of nowhere and kill them for you, Pretty sweet, non?

However, after said kill they will be unavailable for a period of time. and you have to wait to call them again.

Also when you call an assassin on a guard, he will kill said guard, But the guard's friends will fight back, and you should protect your assassin; because remember kids...death, Is permanent.


AC: BH introduces more mini-games, such as help missions for your best friend "Leonardo Da Vinci"

There is also a "Virtual Training" mode in the animus where you can Spar against AI.
well...that makes them...AI AI.

Desmond Miles:

FINALLY Desmond is decently playable, He picks up tricks and abilities from Ezio and so becomes agile and light to move around. And so you can play him in some modern day maneuvers around ruins.


The graphics from AC: BH is much like that of AC: II, Rome is beautiful with epic buildings, lighting, statues, people. and most importantly, Landmarks...such as the Colosseum. which is actually explorable!

Being a student of 3D myself..AC: BH's graphics is pure magic!

Now I apologize for the delay in this review, but I gotta try to keep this from getting too lengthy.

And so I'll be making the multiplayer review in the following post, also because the multiplayer is such an amazing, fantastic, boombastic thing.
I apologize for this further delay as well. hehe

And due to the fact that I hate spoilers, weather inflicted upon me or others, Detailed story will soon be covered in my other blog "Spoiler Alert"

I hope you've enjoyed this, and it's been helpful to you in any way.

Me love you guys long time.
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