Friday, August 24, 2012


Recently I've been trying to catch up on my Backlog due to the Steam Sales and PSN plus summer sales and free games.

Either that or for being stuck in the same game trying to beat it. I'm looking at you Binding of Isaac, You've been generous to so many, why me?

But I've just played the game "Retro/Grade", a PlayStation exclusive, a game that is so original, so well done I just thought more people should know about it.  

And worry not there will be no spoilers.

Genre: Rhythm


     The galaxy has been invaded, and it's up to Rick Rocket to save it. He battles the invaders and takes them out one by one until there is none left. Finishing up with the fleeing boss that drops like a fly against the mighty Rick Rocket.

    But killing the boss along with his many minions, as well as all the destruction cause by the battles has caused a rip in the fabric of time, and now Rick Rocket has to travel back in time to undo what has been done.


    You start off the game in the boss battle, he doesn't take more than a couple shots to take down and he presents no challenge to you whatsoever, he goes down, The galaxy is saved, everyone is happy and the credits roll.

But then the fabric of space/time is ripped, credits roll back, the boss undies and now YOU have to go back through every battle in reverse To unfire every shot you took, and un-destroy everything you broke.


  As previously mentioned, this is a rhythm game, so you go back through the battles and unfire all the shots you took, while dodging enemy fire (Since you never actually got hit by enemy fire, dodging is the same as un-dodging, only in reverse)

The difficulties for this game are as follows: 
  • Beginner 
  • Casual
  • Medium-core
  • Pro
  • Tough
  • X-treme
Varying from 2 lines of fire in Beginner to 5 lines in X-treme. You go about un-firing shots with "X" at the exact same time you fired them, the more accurate you are the better your score, the more accurate shots you undo in a row the higher your score multiplier. 

The shots vary from normal shots, Charge shots which give you reverse fuel or overcharge. and continuous beams, which you have to hold X to take back, sometimes while switching lanes. 
You also gain the ability to go forward in time. That way if you make a mistake and mess up unshooting a shot, you go forward in time, reshoot it, so that you can properly undo it.  
//I made it confusing on purpose because of how much I like this idea.

Then you have the Overcharge ability right "R1" to give you a score boost.

The enemy shots vary from regular shots, Charge shots which cost you fuel or overcharge if you hit them, and a railgun which when fired, goes off instantly then leaves a trail. And since you're going in reverse, the trail acts as a warning to where the railshot is going to be.

I am yet to finish the game so I don't know if there are any different enemy shots I didn't get to.

Pretty straight forward/backward stuff.


    The graphics in this game are amazing, bright and colorful, with a beautiful particle system.
  But for me the only flaw I found in this game is that sometimes it gets a little bit hard to see. When the battle was hot and the shots were plentiful, undoing them while dodging enemy fire can get confusing, which is great, I love that, but sometimes when enemy shots coming from the right of the screen overlap with your shots coming from the left. You tend to not see it coming. But I guess that's what the "O" button is for.

But for any rhythm game the real hero is the music. Which in this game, Is fantastic, It's trance/electronic, which is not really my style but I loved almost every track, maybe it's because I'm a trance outsider looking in (Because apparently all genre outsiders looking in see the tracks all the same).
But I found the tracks kind of similar, but that was okay, I didn't see that as any kind of flaw in the game as the theme is pretty set and it would be easy to drift away and ruin it.

The similarity between the tracks really helped the levels stick together, and make it feel like it was one continuous battle Rick rocket was fighting. 

But that's just me as a trance outsider talking, I'm sure many of the genre's fans can listen to the tracks and easily differentiate and find the (subtle?) differences in styles. Exactly the same way Asian people recognize each other.

August 24th 2012, 'Twas The day I lost all my Asian followers.


Retro/Grade was made by an indie company called "24 Carat Games". It is a PlayStation exclusive, available on PSN for $9.99. The soundtrack is available on PSN or Here for $7.99

There is also a discount bundle which contains the game + soundtrack for $14.99

Hope you like the game as much as/more than I liked it.

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