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Ninja Senki

Name: Ninja Senki
Platform: PC
Developer: Jonathan Lavigne
Published: 2010
Website: pixeltao.caGenre: 2D Platformer.

Ninja Senki

is a 2D side scrolling platformer much like Mega Man where you traverse platforms jumping over gaps collecting coins and killing enemies to advance to the next stage.

The Story:

You play a blue ninja I believe is called Hayate Katakiutchi who is on a revenge quest to avenge his Mother/Wife/Girlfriend/Maturelookingdaughter Kinuhime from a ninja in white.

The Controls:

The game is made for the PC and is keyboard only so the controls are naturally Arrow keys to move, J and K to jump and shoot shurikens. You can also use WASD instead of the arrows with no key binding neccessary.

However the game is meant to be played with a gamepad like oldschool NES platformers such as Megaman, I found it to be much more fun and intuitive that way so that was how I played it.

The Graphics:

Nice and sharp, as a retro game they're made entirely out of huge pixels, but the choice of color was successful providing graphics that are...Nice and sharp.

The Gameplay:

Apparently in this game you go around through a ninja training camp murdering all the trainees while they continue to ignore your presence; There's the red ninja doing cardio by constantly doing laps around a platform,

The Yellow ninja practicing his throwing skills by throwing shurikens at the wall, regardless of what's in the way,

 The ghosts of the red ninjas you just killed, still doing laps only floating high above the ground

And the mage, who is found mostly on high post type platforms "Karate Kid" stylee, practicing his fireballs, The balls only approach you when they are close to you, so you can orbit them around you and send them away or just dodge them altogether.

 The simplicity of the enemies doesn't mean they're easy, it's that on their own they pose very little threat, only the platforming leads you directly through them so you have to quickly/carefully dispatch of them to advance.

Much like Megaman you go around doing that with infinite ammo with no reason not to hail shurikens as with every step.

These are not the only types of enemies, there are more different, none human, enemies throughout the game, Play it to find out about them.

You start off with 2 lives, 5 hits per life, and falling down the pit is instant death.
There is a countdown timer with 200 seconds that provides a score bonus when you finish the level before the time runs out, you don't fail or die when the time does run out, you only lose your score bonus.

Oh and there's a score counter. At least that's how I felt about it at first, but it turns out it does serve a purpose other than counting; Coins give score, Killing enemies gives score depending on the type/difficulty of the enemy, now when you get hit, that's it, there's no health packs or powerups but whenever you accumulate 1000 points, you get a nice refill to your health.

The controls and gameplay are very tight and intuitive and the game plays extremely well. The only thing I found worth talking about was the jumping mechanics, Standard jumping where you press the button to jump and the longer you hold the button the higher you jump.. BUT

The game features a Double Jump where you tap the button again to do, but the second jump is about a quarter as high as the initial jump at best, so to get the maximum height possible you have to hold the initial jump to its peak then tap again for the double jump, and if you miss that peak your jump drops significantly and you're most likely to miss your platform.
This doesn't make the game impossible, only challenging and requiring brain function, and there are platforms with hard to reach coins or guarded with enemies that reward the player for getting that tricky jump.

The game is divided into scenes, each scene is divided into screens. When you die you start off at the beginning of the screen, When you lose all your lives the game is over and you can either end or Continue for 100 points, starting at the beginning of the scene.

There are bosses at the end of some scenes hiding a door behind them that leads to the next scene.

Play the game to find out more.

The Verdict:

Ninja Senki is a well made, very fun little game that is worth picking up, if you like retro side scrolling platformers you're gonna love this one.

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